Before posting in the VPTforum please read the following:

Please share the what you make with VPT in the forum (and please also mention that you use VPT in your projects)

If you are having trouble getting VPT to work at all, consider
checking this before posting:

Did you read the manual, watch the video tutorial and built-in help (the ?mark in some sections)?

Please respect the time I put into making VPT and the documentation by taking the time to go through the documentation.

I can´t save my work

You didn´t read the manual or watch the tutorial

Don´t download VPT the day before you have to finish a project and expect everything to work.

VPT is a program with many possibillities which also means it takes a bit of time to master.

If you are on windows, have you installed quicktime, and do you have
a compatible graphics card/opengl driver?

It also seems windows defaults to the integrated graphics card on certain models which is not good. 

Please check the advanced tab for the graphics card in the control panel.

If you are on mac running os 10.8 or later the operating system might be blocking VPT because of Apples gatekeeper system, since VPT is not a certified Apple program. 

You can either change these settings permanently in the system preferences or simply right-click/ctrl-click and select open from the menu.

If you are running 10.9 or later you might get a menubar on your projector output. 

To get rid of it go to system preferences: mission control and disable "displays have separate spaces".

Have you moved the VPT app out of the VPT folder? Don´t. 

The projectpath file needs to stay at the same folder level as the VPT application. 

I suggest adding an alias to the program if you want to access it from somewhere else.

Having trouble saving/retrieving presets?

Make sure the projectpath.txt points to the right project folder

Make sure that your projectfolder or VPT folder isn´t set to read-only

No sources in the source menues or mask menu.

Make sure the projectpath.txt points to the right project folder

My presets haven´t saved all my layers/The presets have messed up my layers

A preset only saves information about the layers that exist when you create the preset. 

If you later add more layers you need to update your existing presets (usually you just need to make the new layers invisible then save the preset again)

If you delete a layer after saving presets, then close VPT, then reopen VPT the presets have lost information about the deleted layer. 

However, if you add a new layer, open the preset.backup file (in the preset folder inside the project folder) you should be able to retrieve information for this layer.

The interface doesn´t fit on my screen, can you make it smaller?

People with a vertical resolution of 768 pixels should still be able to access the controls at the bottom, just move the windows taskbar /mac dock to one of the sides of the screen.

If this isn´t enough, try the workaround mentioned in this post on the forum

If this didn´t solve your problem, do a quick check of existing
topics/tags in the forum to see if a similar question has been asked

If you are still stuck, you are welcome to post to the forum.

I ignore most of the VPT related questions that are sent to my mail address.

The point of the forum is that it should be a resource for the users of VPT..

If I answer questions in private emails, information is not shared to the forum, and the same questions will be asked over and over.

13.Choose a title which reflects your problem ("VPT doesnt work",
"problems", "help" are not very useful titles)

14.Let us know what computer and OS you are running, and which version
of VPT (support of versions prior to VPT 7 will be very limited)

15.Post the log. The log can be found by clicking cmd+m (mac) or ctrl+m
(win). Copy the content and paste it into your forum post.

16.Give a detailed description of your problem.

17.If you think it could be relevant, post a screenshot.

18….and if you are looking for where to download VPT: